2011/12 Barclays Premier League Predictions

Top 5:

  1. Manchester United – These guys are the best team in the EPL, and they’ve already been dominant in the pre-season. With the possibility of adding Wesley Sneijder, they could rise up to challenge Barcelona and Real Madrid for best team in the world. The only question on this team is if David de Gea can fill the shoes left in goal by Edwin van der Sar.
  2. Chelsea – The Blues are going to be a top team, if Torres is able to get his act together and play like he did in Liverpool then Chelsea could rival Man U. If he keeps playing like a bum, they have no shot.
  3. Manchester City – These guys are a wild card, they have a top notch team, but their best player wants out. If Tevez leaves, they could be out of the top 5, if Tevez stays and is happy, they could be 2 and make a run at 1.
  4. Liverpool – This team is packed with talent, that was shown last year with their late push that came up short. With a full year of Andy Carroll and Luis Suárez I believe they can be a top 5 team.
  5. Arsenal – As of right now they are a top 5 team. However, with van Persie being injured and the possibility of losing Samir Nasri and Cesc Fàbregas to loans, I just don’t they will be able to compete.
Relegation Station:
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers – How bout you wander on down a league.
  • Queens Park Rangers – Park it down in the nPower League.
  • Norwich City – Let me tell you “wich” league you’re going to be in next year. Hint: It’s not the Premier League.

FIFA 12 Box Art Revealed

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While it has been know for a quite a while that Wayne Rooney was going to be on the cover of all copies of FIFA 12, the question has been who would join him in the US. Today we got that answer.

LA Galaxy star, and most notable American born player today, Landon Donovan will wear his LA Galaxy Herbalife jersey and captain’s armband front and center. Joining him will be Rooney to left and fellow MLS star Rafael Márquez will be on the right. While Márquez does play for the New York Red Bulls, he will instead be wearing his Mexico national kit.

I wonder if that has something to do with Mexico beating the US and Donovan in the CONCACAF Gold Cup finals.

While Donovan was the obvious choice, being American and playing in the MLS, I feel that maybe it was time to let Clint “Deuce” Dempsey on the cover, but I’m sure playing in the EPL for Fulham worked against him. Also, if they were set on going with a Red Bull, why not go with Wayne’s brother John, who plays the midfield for them.

FIFA 12 comes out in North America on September 27, and September 30th in the rest of the world.

2011/12 Spanish La Liga Predictions

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Top 3:

  1. Barcelona – Lionel Messi  is arguably the best player in the world on arguably the best team in the world.
  2. Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the best player in the world on arguably the best team in the world.
  3. Valencia – 3rd place is Valencia’s again as long as they can fend off Villarreal.
*This is the same top 3 as the 2010/11 and could be the same top 3 for years to come.

Regulation Station:

  • Granada – Sorry, thanks for playing.
  • Real Betis – Better luck next time.
  • Rayo Vallecano – Hello, goodnight.

2011/12 Italian Serie A Predictions

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Top 3:

  1. AC Milan – Already an amazing squad. Pato can only get better, I don’t see anyone matching up well with them.
  2. Napoli – Get big or go home, its time for Napoli to become an even bigger player in Serie A.
  3. Internazionale – Inter could easily become #2 with their lineup, however, I’m putting them at #3 based on the assumption that Wesley Sneijder will be gone in the very near future.
Relegation Station:
  • Bologna – I had a sandwich today, it was bologna, goodbye.
  • Atalanta – Welcome to the Serie A. They’ve already been fined 6 points. Serie B will be welcoming them back very soon.
  • Novara – This will probably be a short stay in Serie A, maybe they can prove something, but they barely got moved up.

2011/12 German Bundesliga Predictions

Let’s talk Bundesliga for a quick minute. Here are my predictions for the 2011/12 season.

Top 3:

  1. Borussia Dortmund – After mediocure seasons in 08/09 and 09/10 Dortmund won the Bundesliga last year. Once you get a taste for winning you never want to give it up. I think they are out to repeat.
  2. Bayern Munich – You can always find more offense. I think the lose of Miroslav Klose will be negated once Manuel Neuer settles down on the new team.
  3. FC Schalke 04 – After a poor showing in 10/11 and a good run in the Champions League, I think Schalke can be an upper echelon team this year.
Relegation Station (these teams will be in the playoffs for relegation):
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach – They just can’t fight it forever, they will be back in the mix this year.
  • VfL Wolfsburg – Only hear because of Deigo’s picture in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Hamburger SV – Losing Ruud van Nistelrooy is like losing a kidney. You don’t need it, but it still sucks that its gone.

Rugby World Cup 2011 Demo Impressions

What I know about the game of rugby couldn’t even fill this sentence. After playing the demo of Rugby World Cup 2011, I know one thing, I want to learn more. The last rugby game I can remember playing was EA Sports’ Rugby 2004, and all that did was leave a sour taste in my mouth.

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