Welcome To The 600 Club Jim Thome

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After 20 years and 1 month, Jim Thome continues to etch new comments on his future Hall of Fame plaque. After hitting a homer off Rick Porcello in the 6th inning of tonight’s game vs the Tigers, Thome was had attained 599 homers. In his next at bat vs. Daniel Schlereth he became only the 8th man to ever amass 600 homers.

The rest of the 600 Home Run Club includes:

  1. 762 –¬†Barry Bonds
  2. 755 – Hank Aaron
  3. 714 – Babe Ruth
  4. 660 – Willie Mays
  5. 630 – Ken Griffey Jr.
  6. 626 – Alex Rodriguez*
  7. 609 – Sammy Sosa

*-Still active.

There is an outside chance that by the end of the year he could catch Sammy Sosa. If he plays another season its almost guarentteed that he will not only pass Sosa, but also possibly Ken Griffey Jr.

I wish Jim Thome the best of luck.

Image courtesy of USA Today.