EA Sports Season Ticket

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EA Sports is always looking for a way to make a buck, their newest way is the EA Sports Season Ticket. For $24.99 per year (365 days) or / 2000 MS Points you get the following for FIFA, Madden NFL, NHL, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR, and NCAA Football series:

  • Early Full Game Release: 3 days before their scheduled retail release, you’ll be able to download and play the full version of participating titles
  • 20% discount on downloadable content for participating EA SPORTS titles, beginning with Madden NFL 12
  • Premium Web Content for Free: beginning with FIFA 12 Creation Centre
  • Exclusive Membership Recognition: Identification in and out of game
Lets break this down piece by piece.
  1. Being able to download games 3 days before the release is a pretty cool idea, the only problem is that you need to pre-order all your games to make sure they get there on release date because if not you’re going to have a useless, presumably large file on your hard drive. Speaking of a large file, I can only assume this downloads are going to be in the neighborhood of 4gb +, so if you do plan to spend the money, hopefully you will have a fast enough connection to make getting the game early worth it.
  2. 20% discount of all paid DLC is probably a bigger deal then it may seem. FIFA made somewhere around 70 million off of FUT packs last year, so being able to save 20% off those could be huge if you are into boosters or Ultimate Teams. Also, this takes a little bit out of the sting of the very pricey Tiger Woods Course DLC.
  3. From what has been said so far, premium web content for free may just be the same things you were getting for free with pre-orders.
  4. Exclusive membership recognition, are you kidding me? That sounds as good as turning your Twitter avatar green.
Depending on how many games you buy, it seems like it might be a half decent idea. I plan on buying everything but Tiger Woods, so that breaks it down to about $6.25 per game. I’m probably an edge case but I would be willing to pay that just to get into the game 3 days early (don’t get any ideas EA). So to me the 20% discount on DLC is a bonus which would also pay for itself in FIFA Ultimate Team Packs.

What do you think? Is this just a money grab or do you think its a good idea?