Just How Old Is Jack McKeon?

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Recently, Jack McKeon took over as manager of the Florida Marlins after and abysmal 1-19 beginning to the month of June. At 80 years old, Jack McKeon is now the 2nd oldest man ever to manage a professional baseball team. Connie Mack holds the record by coaching the  Philadelphia Athletics (the team he owned) till 87.

McKeon was born in 1930, so I have compiled a list of interesting facts from that year.

  • January 13 – The Mickey Mouse comic strip makes its first appearance.
  • February 18 – Clyde Tombaugh confirms the existence of Pluto.
  • April 6 – Hostess Twinkies are invented.
  • April 17 – Neoprene is invented.
  • April 19 – Warner Bros. release their first cartoon series called ‘Looney Tunes’ which runs until 1970.
  • August 9 – Betty Boop premiers in the animated film Dizzy Dishes.
  • September 8 – 3M begins marketing Scotch transparent tape.
  • December 7 – W1XAV in Boston, Massachusetts broadcasts the first television commercial in the United States
Just for good measure, here are a few people that were also born in 1930:
  • January 10 – Roy E. Disney
  • January 20 – Buzz Aldrin
  • January 30 – Gene Hackman
  • February 10 – Robert Wagner
  • May 10 – Pat Summerall
  • May 31 – Clint Eastwood
  • June 27 – Ross Perot
  • August 5 – Neil Armstrong
  • August 30 – Warren Buffett
  • October 24 – The Big Bopper
Let it be said, Jack McKeon is old, and I wish him the best of luck. The Marlins have a ton of talent, maybe they just need a skipper like him to bring them back to relevance. He already did it once, why not again?
Image Source – CNN.com