2012 NFL Predictions

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Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn will be the Matt Cassel for a new generation.

Matt Cassel quietly backed up Tom Brady for a few years, and when he got his chance to shine, he did and got rewarded with a big contract from the Chiefs.  When Matt Flynn got his chance, he set two Packer team records in one day. Someone is going to pay him to be their starter.

Packers will win the Super Bowl.

Packers are crazy good. That is all.

Tebow and Broncos will start 2012-13 season off 2-6. No longer the starter by their bye week.

I have this feeling that Tim Tebow is going to be the next Shane Spencer. What I mean is he came out and was pretty amazing, then people realized he couldn’t hit a curveball. If Tebow’s passing doesn’t get any better expect every team to line up nine men in the box vs him.

 — Image Souce: Bleacher Report