2012 MLB Predictions

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Johan Santana will make less then 20 starts in 2012.

Santana made 25 starts in ’09, 29 in ’10, missed all of 2011 due to rotator cuff surgery and there are already questions about his availability at the beginning of the season. With a late start and good chance the Mets will be out of contention by August, I can see him being shut down.

The Marlins will finish 3rd in the NL East.

The Phillies are still the team to beat in the NL East. The Braves have shown that they have some top quality talent, especially with Kimbrell in the closer role, it is going to be an uphill battle getting the Marlins to play well together. Specifically with tensions between Hanley Ramirez and Jose Reyes.

Angels will win the AL West and get ousted in the 1st round.

Pujols and Wilson are huge additions and they will easily win the AL West. Wilson and Weaver are going to win a ton of games, I just question their bullpen and aging outfield.

Bonus Prediction: Norichika Aoki does big things in the MLB in 2012, Darvish plays average. (Assuming they both come to the US)

If the Brewers get Aoki signed he’s going to have a good chance to prove himself with Braun being suspended for 50 games and Prince Fielder out of town. Darvish on the other hand is going to have a pretty tough time if/when he goes to the Rangers, AL hitters are beasts, especially with Pujols joining the AL West. I just think he’ll pull a Dice-K and end up somewhere around 12-10.

–Image source: The Sports Bank