2012 Video Game Predictions

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Aaron Rodgers Madden 12 Cover Athlete

2K Sports retires the MLB 2K franchise after poor sales of MLB 2K12.

2K is losing money on the exclusive license and they aren’t going to try to extend their deal with MLB. The NHL 2K line is also in the dumper, so I can see them continuing to focus on the NBA 2K series and letting MLB and NHL die.

EA Sports announces return to MLB video games.

This one is a no-brainer. Once the exclusive license is up EA will be back “IN THE GAME”. Ultimate Team for an MLB game will make them some crazy amount of money that I don’t even want to think about because a lot of it will come from me. I could see a re-started MVP series giving MLB: The Show the competition 2K should have, but never did.

NBA Elite 12 doesn’t make the NPD Top 10 in the month it is released (if it actually does get released).

Unlike 2K, EA is going to keep their toe in every sport they can. If NBA Elite 12 actually does come out I don’t see it selling well at all to start with. After ‘11 I really doubt anyone will have any confidence in the game. However, it will probably be a fairly decent game and depending on how well EA does in post launch support, it could be the start of something good.

Aaron Rodgers gets the Madden 13 cover.

 Rodgers deserved it last year and got screwed, this year he deserves it more. Unless Tebow wins the Superbowl, there shouldn’t even be a vote, just give Rodgers the cover.