POLL: Who Has The Best 5-Man Rotation?

MLB 13 The Show Dickey

Without great pitching a baseball team is nothing. You can only get so far trying to slug your way to Ws. I’m working on a post for UnderTheCode.com on my top 5 rotations in MLB 13: The Show and I want your input. I’ve complied a list of eleven teams that fit my criteria which I have set as:

  • Each team must have at least one pitcher rated 90 or above.
  • None of the 5 starters can be rated lower than an 80*.

There are eleven teams that fit both of those criteria  but, due to the Phillies having three pitchers rated over a 90, I’ve added them in for this giving you a total of 12 teams to choose from. Come on, if you have three pitchers rated 90+ you deserve to be in contention.

[poll id=”2″]

Also, let me know why you picked the team you did in the comments below.

To see each teams 5-man rotation continue reading.