Lovesac XGamer PillowSac Review

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Are you comfortable when you’re gaming? I have the odd feeling no one has ever asked you that question before, but silently, you have complaints about your setting. I know you do, because I have them too.

In my case, my couch is too far from the TV. It’s not that I have bad eyesight, it’s just too far to be comfortable. So I needed something to get me closer to the screen and be at a good playing distance. That is where Lovesac‘s XGamer PillowSac comes in.

When I got my Lovesac in for review it came, as every Sac does, in a duffle bag. After seeing how big these sacs get, I was a little confused. The DuraFoam makes the duffle that the sac comes in almost like the Doctor’s TARDIS, the bag must be bigger on the inside.

Once you unload the sack the fun part begins. The only way to fit the sac into such a small space is to suck out all the air. So now you get to help get the air back in by beating up your sac. This is actually a lot of fun, even if it is the  most exercise some gamers will get all year. Don’t ask me why I know that.

Once the sac is expaned, you simply toss on the Limited Edition XGamer cover. This is what makes the difference between Lovesac’s ordinary PillowSac and the XGamer PillowSac. Not only does the XGamer cover remind you of the Nintendo Entertainment System (which is always a plus), it also features a hero known for jumping on turtle shells and the most memorable cheat code in video game history.

You’re probably asking how big does this thing turn out to be? The answer is roughly the size of a twin bed. I’m serious, a twin bed sheet will fit on this thing, so not only does it work perfectly as a gaming chair it also doubles as a spare bed. Which is where you will most likely end up if you spend too much time relaxing in front of the TV in your XGamer PillowSac.

There are many ways that you can use the PillowSac (as you can see in the video below), but the way I play is in the traditional “pea pod” form. This this is so comfortable that I’m actually a little worried to use it during the ExtraLife Marathon because I’m afraid I will fall asleep in it, because I have, on multiple occasions.

Comfort is not even a question when it comes to this sac. It’s like sitting on a cloud of video game goodness. Even  after a few hours of gaming, all you need to do is, get up, fluff your sac (yeah, I said it) and you’re back to business.

While Lovesacs are pretty amazing, there is one glaring issue, and that is the price. The MSRP for the Limited Edition XGamer PillowSac is $800, but currently is selling it for $449. I’m sure that price will stop a lot of people cold in their tracks, and trust me, I don’t blame them.

However, if you can get past the price, Lovesac’s Limited Edition XGamer PillowSac is the perfect thing for a hardcore gamer, or as the finishing touch to your game room, and I have no problem recommending it.


*The product in this review was provided by the manufacturer.