FUT Notes: Don’t Waste Your Coin

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The allure of big name players can hamper your coin management in FIFA 13‘s Ultimate Team. Here is a list of five players who are drastically over priced*, and who you should get instead of them.

FUT 13 Over Priced

  1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (PSG / ST / 88) – It baffles me that Ibra is going for an average of 400k coin on Xbox. He plays in Ligue 1 and he’s Sweedish. You’re not making a Sweedish squad. If you’re making a Ligue 1 squad, you’re better off going with a formation with LW / ST / RW and picking up Nene to play LW. Nene is 8 points lower on his Shooting, but everything else is similar. Or, you could have a speed top 3 and run Lavezzi (93 pace). Rémy (92 pace) and Ménez (85 pace). You could pick up those 4 players, Nenê (1,100 coin), Lavezzi (9,000 coin), Rémy (1,600 coin), and Ménez (1,100 coin) for less than 10% of what Ibrahimovic is going for.
  2. Arjen Robben (FC Bayern / RM /88)  – Currently averaging at around 181k coin, Robben is only worth wile if you are building a Bundesliga team and have serious coin to spend. While he is one of the best right midfielders in soccer, the only Bundesliga worth matching him up with is Franck Ribéry who goes for 440k coin. A Dutch national team is stacked with midfielders, however, none of them are good on the left side either. No one can really replace Robben on the pitch, but if you’re making a Bundesliga team, Jefferson Farfán is a steal at around 1,400 coin. If you want a little bit of a stronger shot, there are TOTW Thomas Müller cards that have him at RM which go for around 48k coin, but even that is kind of a waste.
  3. Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid / 87 / CB) – Liga BBVA is stacked with great center backs. Ramos is going for an average of 122k coin while you could get Pepe (9,900 coin), Puyol (7,200 coin), Piqué (14k coin) and Mascherano (5,700 coin) are all equally great center backs that can be had for much less.
  4. Iker Casillas (Real Madrid / GK / 89) – Don’t get me wrong. Iker Cassillas is a great keeper, all the guys in this post are great players. We are talking about value. Casillas sells at an average of 94k coin. Pick up Victor Valdés at around 14k coin. He’s no Iker Casillas, but he’s a very good goalie, and unlike Iker, he can actually kick the ball out of your end with his 91 kicking rating.
  5. Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona / CF/ 94) & Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid / LW / 92)  – These guys are both selling for over 1 million coin.  let that sink in for a minute. I don’t even know how you would get that high. If I got one of these guys in a pack, I would play around with them for a few minutes, then throw a bunch of contracts on them, and sell the card as fast as I could. With 1 million coin you could build any squad in the game with the exception of the two these guys are on.

FUT 13 Over Priced Messi Ronaldo

*All prices talked about are average Xbox prices found via UltimateDB.nl.