2012 NHL Predictions *UPDATE*

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Sidney Crosby announces his retirement from the NHL.

While I definitely don’t want this prediction to come true, but I also don’t want to see this kid get hurt and end up physically incapacitated for the rest of his life. He’s a big enough star that he can leave the game now, and still have an impact in the city of Pittsburgh and to the NHL community as a whole, even if it is not on the ice.

Boston Bruins repeat as Stanley Cup Champions.

 The saying goes “never trust a man with two first names”. There should be an * in there, and the footnote should be:

* – Except for Tim Thomas

He can lead the Bruins to another Stanley Cup, no questions asked.

*UPDATE* – I was way off.

–Image Source: Sidney Crosby Online

Originally posted on Jan 3, 2012.