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Nearly two hours of my day are spent in my car commuting from home to work. If your like me, you quickly notice that no matter how many stations you program, they all play the same 6-10 songs. So how do I keep myself sane? Podcasts.

Here is a little list I made up of the video game related podcasts I listen to:

  • AppJudgement – while not specificly a video game podcast, they do show review man iOS and Android games.
  • The Ben Heck Show – also not necessarily a video game podcast, Ben Heck, the modder who has created a multitude of portable video game consoles, walks you through a bunch of hardware hacks.
  • EA Sports FIFA – Ultimate Team Weekly – listen to this show and be the first on your block to know when the FIFA Ultimate Team Happy Hour is going on. Pro Tip: you can skip to the last 5 min to find out.
  • GamerSushi – the boys from Web Zeroes get together and talk video games. This is one of my favorite podcasts, great conversations from great people.
  • Giant Bombcast – the guys at know video games. This show usually runs over 2 hours, in the begining I thought that was really long, now I’m sad when it’s over.
  • Player One Podcast -another bunch of great guys talking video games, but I still get upset that they mock Greg Ford for liking sports games.
  • The Totally Rad Show – movies, TV shows, video games, and more, if you’re not watching TRS, you’re missing out.
  • Weekend Confirmed – Garnett Lee, Jeff Cannata need I say more? Yes? Del Rio makes hilarious songs out of great lines.
  • 4th String – the podcast that started it all for me. Before 4th Sting video game podcasts bored me. They bring their A game every week.
  • 8-4 Play – the newest podcast to my lineup, they talk about Japan and Japanese games. You need to listen to 3/25/2011: AFTER THE QUAKE recorded after the Japanese tsunami and is a great listen.

Hopefully this helps you find something good to listen to.

PS – The TWiT network is currently working on a video game show with Tom Merritt, so that should be pretty awesome when it comes out.