Tuesdays with Messi: Skill Games

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FIFA 13 introduced an interesting new mode that sort of flies under the radar in the game, but offers a whole lot more to do while waiting for a game to load instead of just going 1-on-1 with the keeper. Now, while the next match loads, you will be able to complete “skill games” that will help you hone different skills that you will use while playing the actual game.

There are over 32 mini-games that will help you master crossing, passing, shooting and just about anything else that you might do while on the pitch. While you will not be able to compete in these skill games by themselves, there will be a leader board that will showcase just how many XP points you did or did not obtain through playing these games.

Personally, I really wish they would have allowed for online play for these mini-games. I would love the option to sit in a lobby and play against my friends. I would only count the XP earned in this online mode against other people for the leader board, that way, it would even the playing field out a little in terms of not allowing people to just sit around and play by themselves all day and pad their XP.

Regardless, there will always be people who play more than you can get ahead on the stat sheets that way instead of being more skilled, but I do hope they implement that as well as the online features in either a patch, or at least next year.

FIFA 13 demo is out now on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The game will be available at retail on September 25th in North America, and the 28th in the EU.