Tuesdays with Messi: FUT Squads

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There are only two modes that I really ever play anymore in FIFA 13, Pro Clubs and Ultimate Team. This week let’s talk about the crazy world of making squads in FIFA Ultimate Team, shall we?.

Unlike Madden where you have one lineup for all of your players, squads in FIFA allow you to how multiple lineups to use. The most popular squads usually consist of players all playing in the same division, or that share a common nationality. Normally I will create new squads for each of the single player tournaments requirements.

By default, you are allowed to create up to 10 squads, however, with purchases from the EASFC you can increase that number. Here is my current list of squads:

League (containing players of a certain league):

  • Liga BBVA
  • Barclays Premier League
  • Ligue 1
  • Major League Soccer – there are only 4 good players in MLS, so this was a cheap team to assemble

Country (containing players of a certain nationality):

  • Spain
  • England
  • France
  • Brasil – opening packs always results in at least one Brazialian, so I made a squad
  • USA – terrible overall, good for tournaments with 3 or 4 star max requirement
  • Cameroon – I had 20k in coin to blow, so I decided to build a team for Eto’o


  • Bronze – only Bronze level cards
  • Silver – only Silver level cards
  • Jacket Smashers – top team, made of the best players no matter the league or country
  • Speedy – only players with a PACE rating of 85 or higher.
  • Trash – a placeholder squad for cards that will be going to the trade pile

Something you’ll notice while building squads is that as you finish one, you might already be 90% of the way to another. I noticed this while making my Barclays team. I wasn’t really planning on creating a England squad, but when my Barclays team was done, I almost had a full squad of Englishmen. So I made a few more purchases and was off and running.

Currently, the only other squads I’m thinking of putting together is an 23U squad, but anything is possible depending on who comes in the next pack.

I like that FIFA has an option to play a friend’s squad even when they are not around. This was a good distraction since, until recently, attempting to play a friend live would result in errors that would force you to back out to the Dashboard on Xbox 360.

If you want to challenge one of my squads, add me on XBL – ThatSportsGamer.

Let me know what squads you have in the comments below.