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Happy New Year everyone. I just wanted to give you a quick rundown of a couple things pertaining to

  • More Video Content – ThatSportsGamer HQ just got an El Gato Game Capture HD, so look forward to a lot more gameplay videos as well as live streams streams happening on and
  • Newly Designed Site – as you may have already noticed, the ThatSportsGamer website has changed. This was done to gain some flexibility with the things we want to do here, and it also gives a much look to everyone reading the site from mobile devices thanks to this theme’s responsive design.
  • New Shows – in the upcoming weeks a new show, with myself and Mike Deneen, where we step away from the games and just talk sports. The show will be called Upon Further Review and will be done in a Google+ Hangout, this way we will be able to easily able to get interaction from you guys into the show.
  • More Leagues – we are having great success in our NCAA Football 13 (#TSGTripleOption) and NHL 13 (#TSGTripleDeke) leagues. We have already began signups for MLB 13: The Show (#TSGTriplePlay) league. Stay tuned for even more leagues in 2013.
  • T-Shirts – right now we are looking at partners to be able to make ThatSportsGamer t-shirts and apparel for giveaways and for you to purchase.

I also want to give special thanks to a couple people.

  • Pete Dodd, Greg Sewart, Peter Skerritt, Ryan Lewis, Brad Woodling and Brett Sergent – for all appearing on episodes of ThatSportsGamer Show.
  • Chris Beck for providing out great outro music and I’m happy to say we’ll be getting some more music in the future from Chris.
  • Jeff Solomon and Jon Farver – for running our NHL 13 and Madden NFL 13 leagues respectively.
  • Rich Grisham – for being there whenever I needed someone to fill in, and getting great people like Pete, Greg and Peter onto ThatSportsGamer Show.
  • Scott Bins – for putting up with me on ThatSportsGamer Show every week, and my random thought IMs everyday. Without Scott, ThatSportsGamer Show would be completely different.

An extra special thank you to everyone reading this, without you folks this wouldn’t even exist. All the interaction on the site, on Twitter and on Facebook is what keeps this train running. I’d like to say I would do all this work even if no one was out there listening to and reading this stuff, but I doubt that would be true. So thank you all, and have a happy and healthy new year.