PlayStation Meeting – Things I Want

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PlayStation Meeting

This Wednesday, February 20th, Sony will be holding a PlayStation Meeting. The last times they have had one of these we got info on the PS3 launch and the Vita (then NGP) launch. So it seems that this time we’ll be talking PS4. Here are 5 things that I hope Sony announces for the PS4, but I doubt they will.

  1. System level or YouTube streaming integration – I really like what Black Ops 2 has done with integrating Twitch into their game. I only wish it was more stable. Hopefully something at the system level would allow that to happen. 
  2. An October release date – I’d be lying if I told you I was expecting to hear anything definitive around the release date other than “fall 2013”. If it doesn’t come out in October with FIFA 14 and NHL 14, there is no reason for me to get the console before MLB 14: The Show comes out next March.
  3. PlayStation Vita integration – Some sort of Wii U tablet like stuff would be great, essentially the next generation of the Remote Play technology that started in the PSP.
  4. Home 2.0 – Even though I rarely went into Home, I thought it was a pretty good idea for the most part. I would hope they don’t try to nickle and dime you in a Home 2.0, but that is the reason it exists.
  5. A reason for my Xbox friends to switch for PS4 – This is the biggest stretch goal. Thanks to all my friends playing EA Sports games on the Xbox, I rarely even play my PS3 anymore, save for the MLB series, and when someone specifically talks me into a certain title. There are no Xbox exclusives that keep me on the 360, other than my friends list.

What things do you want to see? Let me know in the comments below.

Be on the lookout for us to be holding a Google+ Hangout live after Sony’s PlayStation Meeting. We’ll be talking about their renouncement and how it effects us.