NCAA Football 14 Skills Trainer Rewards

NCAA Football 14 Skills Trainer



Acceleration Burst – LaMichael James (79 overall)

The Option – Cam Newton (79 overall)

Triple Option – Colin Kaepernick (80 overall)

Shovel Option – Aaron Hernandez (77 overall)

Oklahoma Offense – Barrett Jones (78 overall)



Pass Trajectories – Aaron Rodgers (80 overall)

Total Control Passing – Russell Wilson (78 overall)

User Catching – Ryan Broyles (78 overall)



Ball Hawk – Charles Woodson (80 overall)

Oklahoma Defense – Haloti Ngata (78 overall)



Offensive Hot Route Audibles – Andrew Luck (81 overall)

Defensive Hot Route Audibles – AJ Hawk (79 overall)

Offensive Audibles – Peyton Manning (82 overall)

Defensive Audibles – Derrick Johnson (79 overall)


The cards can be unlocked in the Season Ticket Preview of NCAA Football 14, but cannot be redeemed until you are using the retail release, as Ultimate Team is not available in the Preview version.

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