MUT Huddle w/ Sports & Snaggle

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UPDATE: Due to the amazing success of Out of the Park Baseball’s Perfect Team mode, Kris and I sadly don’t have time to dedicate to MUT Huddle. 

Sometimes a plan just really comes together quickly.

Kris and I have known for a while that Bullpen Banter was going to end up going on hiatus. With that, we also knew wanted to continue working on stuff together, outside of OOTP Developments, where we are the Community Management team for Out of the Park Baseball.

So today, we’re announcing our new project, MUT Huddle. As we started dipping into Madden NFL 19, we noticed that there was a void that needed to be filled. There are a bunch of great shows, and videos for the experienced and hardcore Madden Ultimate Team fans. However, there isn’t a ton of stuff for casual players that are just getting into the mode.

MUT Huddle is not going to be super gameplay centric. If you’re looking for a Cover 3 beater, or the 6 pre-snap adjustments you need to make to combat a WR Bunch formation, we don’t have that knowledge, and we’re not going to fake it. There are a lot of great places to go to if you need that, and we’ll be more than happy to point you in that direction.

The show will be streamed on both and, and you can follow the show on Twitter, @MUTHuddle, and we’ve got a Discord server for more in-depth conversations at