MLB 11: The Show Announcement Trailer

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MLB 11 The Show Announcement Trailer

By unanimous decision Sony’s MLB 11: The Show is the ThatSportsGamer teams most anticipated sports game of 2011. While we aren’t excited about the music of the game, we are extremely excited for the game itself.

While MLB 10 was my personal second favorite sports game of 2010, FIFA 11 being number 1, I am extremely excited to see the changes coming in MLB 11. While the inclusion of analog batting and throwing controls tend to scare me, I’m pretty excited to see what Sony’s San Diego team has in store for us.


All this trailer did was confirm our excitement for this game. While there is a good chance that if this game hits it out of the park, MLB 2K11 will take a severe hit going into the future.

ThatSportsGamer 2011 MLB Prediction

With 2K Sports’ exclusive 3rd party rights to the MLB expiring in 2012, if MLB 11 is amazing, and EA decides to re-enter the baseball arena, there is a chance that 2K could slip to third place. While I think MLB 11 has the potential to do that. I still stick with my 2011 prediction that MLB 2K11 will make strides, and while they won’t pass Sony’s game, they will at least give them a run for their money.

MLB 11: The Show comes out on PS3, PS2, and PSP on March 8th.