Get Your ThatSportsGamer T-Shirts

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ThatSportsGamer t-shirts are now available for order at The way Teespring works is kind of like a KickStarter. I’ve set a goal of 15 shirts. Once we sell that many, they will begin the printing process.

There are 3 main reasons I chose to go with Teespring:

  1. They sell 3x shirts, if you know me, you know I need one.
  2. Leo Laporte and the TWiT network use Teespring their fundraising campaigns.
  3. International shipping options. I know some of you that may be interested are across the oceans, so I wanted this to be an option to you.

For all the information on the campaign head over to

The proceeds raised from this campaign will go to getting some new equipment in ThatSportsGamer HQ (my nickname for my home office) to allow us to produce new shows and get a bump in audio quality.

Everyone who reads, listens to, or watches any ThatSportsGamer content is what keeps this site alive. Thank you so much for all for your help. I hope you love the t-shirts.