FUT Notes: Players Who Should Be Embarrassed

FUT 13 Bo SvenssonInspired by @JSherm23‘s recent twitter question for ThatSportsGamer Show, I decided to take a look at five players that should flat out be embarrassed by ratings given to them by EA Sports in FIFA 13‘s Ultimate Team.

FUT Notes Tweet

  1. Bo Svensson (FSV Mainz 05 / CB) – Bo has 21 Pace. As brought up by @JSherm23, there is a pretty good chance that 71 year old Alex Ferguson could beat him in a foot race.
  2. Christophe Berra (Wolverhampton / CB) – For someone to have a 15 Shot rating as Christophe does, I have to assume that everytime you step up to take a shot either you just miss and fall down, or you pants magically drop to the ground.
  3. Maximilian Karner (SV Ried / CB) – With a 13 Pass rating, my only question is why does anyone all Max Karner to touch the ball? I assume his teammates must call him the walking turnover.
  4. Luke Oliver (Bradford City / CB) – To achieve a 20 Dribble rating must mean that all you do is fall down when you get the ball.  I’m not sure there is any other option.
  5. Paul Gerrard (Oldham Athletic / GK) – Lets discuss a 28 Reflex rating for a moment. When the doctor hits Paul on the knee with that funny hammer thing, about 17 minuets later he kicks.

I wonder what would happen if there was a penalty kick between Berra and Gerrard? My best guess is that Berra would trip, as he’s falling his face would hit the ball sending it slowly rolling towards the net, at which point Gerrard would roll an ankle trying to get to it, and the ball would probably hit the post.

It’s a yearly tradition that NFL players tweet at the Madden twitter account or at Donny Moore saying how they deserve better ratings. Why aren’t these players doing the same thing for FIFA? I would be embarrassed if I was any of these guys.