F1 2012 Demo Is Out Now

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Formula One racing is back on the Xbox 360 platform with the demo release of F1 2012 earlier this week. The demo drops only eight days before the game is released to retailers worldwide on September 18th. The F1 2012 demo is just less than 1.5 GB of memory on the Xbox 360. However, that small amount of memory packs quite a punch with it.

When you first start the demo, you must fill out your driver profile (name, country, etc.). You then hop straight onto the track in the Young Driver Test which consists of a set of tutorials to tone a racer’s skills. This mode is a very good refresher course for those hardcore fans as well as a good teaching tool for beginners. It is a great addition for the game and will allow more people to learn and enjoy the sport.

After completing the Young Driver Test gamers are allowed to test their car in an untimed session on a dry or wet surfaced race track. You also take part in an official race in the Season Challenge mode.

After spending time with the F1 2012 demo, I can definitely feel the changes made from last year’s game. Each cars and tracks handling will take a bit of a learning curve for any type of fan. The cars, race tracks, and menus look amazing and feel refreshed. The sound in-game is one of the best in this generation. I highly recommend giving this demo a chance and to try it out.

F1 2012 will be released on September 18, 2012 in the US on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows platforms.