Bullpen Banter Ep. 61: Postseason Programs

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If somehow you don’t already know, I do a live stream show, Bullpen Banter on Twitch.tv/ThatSportsGamer with MIllsGamingTV and SnaggleJ about one of our favorite games, MLB The Show. We’ve been doing it for over a year now, and people have been asking for an audio version of the show. So, this is our first experiment with how to do that.

For normal podcasts, we usually use Skype and the MP3 Skype Recorder, but the Bullpen Banter show is streamed live, and done using Discord for our audio. There is not currently an easy way to get the audio from those calls, though I do believe they are working on building something in. One option could have been to use the audio from the archives that are posted on YouTube.com/ThatSportsGamer, but those would have game sounds and Twitch notifications baked into it. I wanted something cleaner for you. So, for this test run we are using a Discord bot known called Craig Records and seeing if it will do the job.

This is just a test run, and since I don’t have a feed created for it yet, I figured I’d use the ThatSportsGamer Show feed since, it’s already setup, and, if you’re still subscribed to it, this will be a nice little surprise. In the future, assuming this all works out and we want to continue doing this, I’ll create a new feed for it, since I want to bring back ThatSportsGamer Show at some point.

Please, please, please give use feedback on the quality of this. You can always reach me on Twitter, @ThatSportsGamer, and in our Discord server for Bullpen Banter at ThatSportsGamer.com/BBDiscord.