Tt eSports – MEKA G-Unit Keyboard Review

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Sometimes you just need to put down the controller and slide out your keyboard. When you do, there aren’t many better keyboards to use then ThermalTake’s Tt eSports MEKA G-Unit Keyboard. It successfully marries a top quality keyboard with the extra macro keys that gamers find extremely useful.

When not working on this site I work for a company that still has a legacy IBM AS400 system. The only good thing about that system is that the terminals use the classic IBM Model M keyboards. There is nothing on a computer that makes you feel like you are getting work done then hearing the clicks and feeling the tactile feedback off a great keyboard. The G-Unit Keyboard is a great keyboard.

In the box alongside the keyboard and wrist rest, you’ll also find the necessary USB cable, some Tt eSports stickers, and since ThermalTake is dedicated to gamers on the go, carry bags for both the USB cable and keyboard. I don’t usually travel with my desktop, but for the LAN gamer, having the carry bags is a nice bonus. Also, who doesn’t love stickers?

Let’s get down to business, this keyboard feels really solid. To the point where, if in a fit, you picked it up and hit yourself with it, you might need a couple stitches. However, that sturdiness does not come at the cost of weight; this is not an overly heavy keyboard.

The main reason to buy this keyboard is the amount of customization you can do with the keys. Aside from the normal set of keys there are twelve programmable macro keys along the left hand side of the keyboard. There are also another set of eight unfixed macro keys that bring the total to sixty keys you can customize on this keyboard.

How does twelve and eight equal sixty? Simple, above the ESC key you’ll find three profile keys. In each profile you can set the twenty macro keys differently and you can change profiles instantly, so in essence you have sixty macros.

Some uses for macros in game could be setting up a one-touch way to build a supply dept or other structure in StarCraft II, rather than clicking B for Building and S for Supply Depot, you can set the key to do that key combination. Another way I use the macros are for WordPress. I have one set that will bold and italicize the selected text and open up the Insert Link dialog box. Keyboard macros can be a very handy tool.

The main thing that sets the keyboard above others in the gaming space is the cherry black mechanical switches. What does that mean to you? First off, the keys take a little bit more force than you might be used to, which leads to less chance of accidently rolling over a key and making a mistake. Secondly, unlike many membrane based keyboards, mechanical switches have a much longer lifespan; ThermalTake estimates each key on this board will last 50 million keystrokes.

Also, because they are mechanical switches, you get the beautiful sound of a real keyboard. I get a rush whenever I get on a roll and star banging out words. You just feel like a keyboard ninja when you are banging away on this keyboard. When you finish a sentence and hit the ENTER key, you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

Two other quick things, this keyboard comes with built in headphone and microphone jacks as well as two USB ports. This comes in extremely handy, especially when your tower is under your desk and out of reach. Also, when gaming in the dark, the keyboard has the WASD, CTRL, SHIFT, SPACE, and ARROW keys all illuminated and you can even set the brightness.

The only gripe I had with this keyboard was the setup of the ENTER, right SHIFT, and | keys. This keyboard has an over sized ENTER key with a standard sized | and medium sized right SHIFT. It took me a few days to get used to it, but now that I am, I barely even notice it anymore. The main issue I had from it was typing a “|” instead of a “?”.

Aside from that small issue, the MEKA G-Unit Keyboard is hands down the best keyboard I have used to date. The overall build quality is great and having the twelve extra macro keys along the left side come in extremely handy. If you’re in the market for a keyboard, this is a great pickup, weather you’re a hardcore PC gamer or not.

ThermalTake‘s Tt eSports MEKA G-Unit Keyboard is available now with an MSRP of $139.99.


*The product in this review was provided by the manufacturer.