My OOTP 20 Franchise Plans

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I feel like I always need to start a post about OOTP with “As you may know, I’m the Head of Community at Out of the Park Developments…” because I don’t really know how this whole FTC disclosure thing works, but also because I want to be open an honest with you. You can take my thoughts with a grain of salt if you want to. However, OOTP doesn’t pay me for any of the posts on

With Out of the Park Baseball 20 releasing next week, I figured it would be a good time to talk about the franchises that I’m going to be doing when the game comes out. Much like last year, I’ll again be doing two franchises, one on the OOTP Developments’ channel, and one on my channel.

On I’ll be taking over the St. Louis Cardinals in a franchise I’m calling “Redbirds Rising”. The Cardinals have a very interesting team with some great up-and-coming young pitchers, and some tough decisions to make in regards to expiring contracts, specifically Goldschmidt and Ozuna. Then we should also figure out what to do with Fowler and Yadi…

Redbirds Rising will be streamed on Twitch, and archived on YouTube.

On I’m going to the south side of Chicago to take over the White Sox in a series that I’m titling the “South Side Hitmen” because that was the nickname of the 1977 White Sox team and, obviously, because of the XFL’s New York/New Jersey Hitmen.

As a bonus for people that Subscribe to my Twitch channel (at any tier), I’ll be creating them as prospects in the Draft Class after they subscribe with the above settings.

South Side Hitmen will be streamed on Twitch, and archived on YouTube.