MMAA: Setup And Personnel Changes

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The setup for this franchise in Out of the Park Baseball 19 is pretty straightforward. It’s a New Standard Game, and the only leagues that will be in are Major League Baseball and the US Independent Leagues. The only setting I’ll be changing is the AI Trading Difficulty, which will be set to Hard, because if I don’t do that, OOTP Developer, Matt Arnold will never let me live it down.

Some of the team personnel has got to go if we’re going to change the culture of the Mets. The first one on the block is, Scouting Director, Marc Tramuta. His Fair, and Poor Scouting Ratings are just not going to cut it for what needs to be done here.

We’re going to be bringing in Norio Yamaguchi to reevaluate what we’ve got in the pipeline, and help us make the decisions going forward on who to bring into the fold. As of now he’s the only personnel change we’re going to be making for the time being. Though, once we start bringing in new players, we’ll probably make some other changes as well.

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