Make The Mets Amazin’ Again

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Today, while listening to The Ringer MLB Show recap the latest craziness that has happened to the Mets, I was inspired. Within the talk of a lackluster players in return for Jeurys Familia, Noah Syndergaard contracting hand, foot and mouth disease, the prospect of losing Yoenis Cespedes for an extended time due to calcium in his heels, and Jacob deGrom’s agent asking the Mets to “shit or get off the pot” and either give him an extension or trade him, all the hosts seemed to agree that this Mets team was to good to just throw in the towel and start from scratch.

While I agree that this team “should” be good enough to get some pieces and make a decent run at the NL East in 2019, I remembered that I’m the Baseball Community Manager for Out of the Park Developments, makers of Out of the Park Baseball, and I have an amazing tool at my finger tips, and I could see what could happen if the Mets had decided to trade away everything in 2018, and rebuild for the future. So that’s just what I’m going to do.

If you know me, you probably already know that I’m a Braves fan. However, you might not know that when I started watching baseball, the Mets were my team. I remember sitting at the kitchen table, watching the Mets on a little 5″ black and white television, intrigued by the game I would grow to love. However, the Mets didn’t stick. Somehow I ended up watching a lot of TBS, and a lot of Braves games, and I would quickly become a fan of them. Yes, I know it’s weird that a kid from N.J. would become a Braves fan. Also, if you want to see some OOTP action with the Braves, I’m currently doing a series on my YouTube channel called Acuña Matata.

Back to the plan to make the Mets amazin’ again. I’m going to try to make the Mets a serious contender for the title by 2022. It’s probably not going to be very pretty for Mets’ fans like Rich Grisham and Gus Ramsey to watch. We’re going to be trading away a lot of players, and making some tough decisions, but hopefully it will all pay off in the end.

I hope you stay tuned, and are interested in joining me on this journey.

Just a reminder, I am the Baseball Community Manager for Out of the Park Developments, makers of Out of the Park Baseball. This series is not an ad for the game.
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