12 Ballpark Summer

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Recently, I was clicking around Twitter and saw that @BaseballBrit had a Tweet showing off a map of all the professional baseball team is the U.S. and Canada.

Of course, I was reading this in the bathroom, and when I was clicking around, I realized that there were 12 teams within a 90 minute drive of my home/work. I figure that would make for a fun little challenge for 2020.

A couple should be pretty easy, especially the Jackals and Boulders. They are so close that I could hit those stadiums on a weeknight after work. A couple of the farther ones shouldn’t be too hard to hit a weeknight game, even if I have to leave work a little early.

I think this will be fun, not only because I get to see 12 ballparks, but I also get a taste of multiple levels of professional baseball, from the Independents, all the way up to Major League Baseball. Also, if I play my cards right with the Yankees’ and Mets’ games, I could knock two items off my Baseball Bucket List.

Stay tuned for updates…